MDIC Video Release of the Combined Survey Report

Mar 2, 2021Clinical, Patient Participation in Clinical Trials

Patient Introduction

MDIC created a video to accompany its release of the Combined Survey Report. The goal of this video is to help all stakeholders learn about the three surveys MDIC conducted among medical device industry professionals, patients, and clinical study investigators. The surveys were conducted to understand the extent to which those different groups understand and practice patient participation in medical device development. This helped reinforce the need for patient participation early on and across the TPLC.


In conjunction with its release of the Combined Survey Report, MDIC issued a short video in which several experts involved in writing the report provided an overview of the purpose of the report, the process by which it was developed, and key recommendations from the report. These three surveys combined provide an important snapshot of current best practices, challenges, and resource gaps for advancing engagement of patients in medical device clinical studies.

There are learnings for the device field from the drug development field, although it is important to recognize unique aspects of medical device development (including the heterogeneity of the patient population for many devices and special considerations when dealing with implantable devices).

Speakers include:

  • Marlene Jordana, MDIC
  • Mike Otlewski, MED Institute
  • Wendy Selig, WSCollaborative