Video Release for Patient Preferences for Heart Failure: A Collaborative Study

Sep 17, 2020Clinical, Discovery & Ideation, Heart Failure Patient Preference Information Study, Invention & Prototyping, Pre-Clinical

Patient Introduction

Through this project, MDIC brought together six heart failure device companies to work in collaboration to develop an understanding of what matters to patients living with heart failure, especially how those patients might be willing to accept potential risks from using a device in exchange for the possibility of being able to live longer and maintain ability to function at a higher level. To conduct the patient preference study, the companies worked together with patients, patient advocates, FDA, and experts in conducting preference studies. The results from this effort can help companies that make heart failure devices, clinical trial leaders, and regulators, move the field forward in better understanding and meeting the needs of patients.


This webinar video summarizes the objectives and results of MDIC’s heart failure project, an industry-wide collaborative effort including medical device industry sponsors, regulatory agencies, and preference assessment experts from Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) to advance the regulatory science surrounding patient preference assessment. MDIC catalyzed this project to gather and analyze patient preference information from heart failure patients relating to their willingness to accept potential risks in exchange for possible benefits.


  • Liliana Rincon-Gonzalez, PhD | MDIC
  • Dean Bruhn-Ding | CVRx
  • Shelby Reed, PhD, RPh | Duke University, Duke Clinical Research Institute