Science of Patient Input (SPI) Resource Library

This interactive Science of Patient Input (SPI) Resource Library website is designed to help industry stakeholders – including medical device professionals and patients – find and use resources created by Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC) to advance opportunities for engaging patient perspectives in medical device development. MDIC has created this Resource Library to help streamline content that can be found across MDIC’s existing website and has structured it by projects relating to the Science of Patient Input program. Within each project, visitors to the site will be able to find and access information about specific related projects, as well as articles, videos, webinars, power point presentation slides and other materials that have been generated. This website was supported by the FDA Broad Agency Announcement.

Information in this SPI Resource Library has been organized by its relevance to the various stages of the medical device total product life cycle (TPLC). Clicking on the various phases of the TPLC within the graphic on this page will bring you directly to the relevant projects and resources. Visitors can also navigate to various content locations by using the search bar or by browsing by TPLC, project or term. MDIC will regularly update this SPI Resource Library as new content is created.


This Resource Library offers a comprehensive collection of reports, videos, and publications developed as part of the MDIC Science of Patient Input (SPI) Program. Although many of these materials were initially developed for a medical device developer audience, MDIC seeks to make them easily accessible for patients, caregivers, and patient advocates to help increase transparency into the medical device development process. To facilitate the ability to engage with this content, MDIC has developed brief descriptors for each project and resource included in the library. These “patient introductions” help to explain the relevance of the content for patients.